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Mr James McDiarmid

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

MSc FRCS(Plast) FRCS(Eng)

We see our role as patient educators, empowering patients to make their own informed decisions about undergoing treatment and advising on the pros and cons of surgery; including possible risks and complications. We also aim to provide the very best quality aesthetic medical and cosmetic surgical procedures by constantly investing in our staff, premises and equipment. We travel to seminars and meetings frequently to update our knowledge and ensure we are at the cutting edge of our industry.

Honesty, integrity, attention to detail, our academic backgrounds, our own unique clinic… these are just some of the things that set us apart. The most important aspect though is our specialist qualifications; our clinic is led by an accredited experienced plastic surgeon with a special interest in aesthetics.

Attention to detail and pride in our craft constantly motivates us to improve our practice. The pursuit of excellence in aesthetic medicine and surgery remains our goal and we strive to provide the very best treatments for each and every patient we treat.We are a small but perfectly formed practice which enables us to provide an extremely high standard of care for our patients. All patients are treated with the greatest level of respect and confidentiality is paramount. We recognise that our patients are all unique individuals with different goals and needs and we feel that we can cater more adequately for this in our small and confidential setting. Essentially we completely avoid a production-line mentality and are happy to spend as long as it takes discussing the details of a procedure.

Pre-surgical consultations are performed by Mr McDiarmid and, unlike many commercial clinics, we never use a nurse advisor or salesperson. We feel that the pre-operative consultation is a crucial step in selecting the correct procedure for a particular patient and that it should not be undertaken in the absence of the operating surgeon. We feel that clinics which offer pre-operative consultations with nurses, or even worse with unqualified salespeople, are not only insulting the intelligence of patients but also behaving unethically.

Our clinic has been designed to enable a more personal touch in the care of our patients and to allow minor procedures to be performed on our own premises to our own exacting standards with no compromise.

Any major procedures are performed at local private hospitals using fully accredited NHS consultant anaesthetists. Mr McDiarmid has previously operated at the Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital, and Ramsay Healthcare locations at the Winfield Hospital (Gloucester), the Duchy Hospital (Truro) and the Mount Stuart Hospital (Torbay).

Mr James McDiarmid
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